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Our new S100 CLASS steam engine available now.

GR version for $499.00 buy on our e-shop!



Suitable for display both in museums and in private collections.

The “Moravia” was the first steam locomotive in Czechoslovakia. In 1837, the Stephenson factory in Newcastle, England built the "Moravia" and the "Austria" and shipped them disassembled to Vienna. The locomotives were first used on trains running from Vienna to Wagram, a distance of about 15 kilometres. In 1838, the "Moravia" pulled the first train into Brno, initiating railroad service to Czechoslovakia. Both the "Moravia" and the "Austria" proved to be unsatisfactory in performance. They were withdrawn from service in 1847 and dismantled in 1852.

The "Moravia" was a Mercury type 2-2-0 locomotive with wooden boiler sheating. The oak frame of the locomotive was reinforced by iron plates.

In case of interest in this elegantly non-powered working model, please contact us

for a complete commercial offer and other technical details.


Diesel Switcher DR Series V15 for sale now!

Flat Car DR with Stakes or Bus available again!

Flat Car ČSD with Stakes

You can find our News for year 2015 here!

Our presentation at Toy Fair in Nürnberg 2015.


"0" Scale trees available again in our E-Shop!

Our first Steam Locomotive Series 200.0

with new printing for the year 2015

You can buy it now in our Shop!


Merci Train Boxcars
available now from $ 49.00
in white, grey and brown colours!

In 1949 France sent to the USA 49 boxcars under the title "Merci Train" as a gratitude for extensive material which individual Americans sent to France the year before. The model boxcar comes complete with 40 shields of French regions, which you can stick onto your model yourself in accordance with either your wish, or original boxcar.



Electric Locomotive Baldwin-Westinghouse „Steeple Cab“, served on Iowa Traction Railroad for $469

Electric Locomotive Baldwin-Westinghouse „Steeple Cab“, served on New Haven Railroad


BR24 Deutsche Reichsbahn, Item No. 228 TWIN

TWO MOTORS, Extremely high tensile force !

Shipping in cca 2 weeks after the order for the price $ 973.00!

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