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sommer writes: Date: 26.09.2020 Time: 05:01
hi zuzansa it has been awhile since i ordered from you. need parts to repair some cars also need to up date couplers on engines i bought from you 2004-2010.one end should be an ets,although on a few test runs ets worked with usaa. after awhile realized better off buying new rolling stock from you.by time pay for ets wheels and couplers plus price shipping cheaper and know when iam getting new.wrkg on layout. queston have you given thought to makin metal bludings such as engine houses and possibilityof crane.price range starting at 300.usd.HOPE EVERY THING IS GOOD williambsommer@charter.net
John writes: Date: 01.01.2020 Time: 01:35
I was lucky enough to see your display at York in Oct of 2019. The equipment is beautiful! Thank you for making such a long trip to display it.

Do you a dedicated sales agent in the US or are all orders handled through your website?
Thomas writes: Date: 03.09.2018 Time: 09:23
If you are an O gauge railroader and like American interurbans, this is where you can buy interurban freight engines to help keep your interurban financially stable.

ETS has several types of steeple cabs that closely resemble American prototypes. No American company is making these O gauge engines today, so your only hope is to spring “big bucks” for an antique, or buy one of these. You can order them to your specifications (mine are all Lionel style, with Lionel couplers).

I have two. An older ART#101 Steeplecab CSD Series E, and an ART #213 Baldwin Westinghouse Steeplecab. They run perfectly, and easily carry their freight cars. My Baldwin/Westinghouse # 54 is still at work in real life on the Iowa Traction Railroad at Mason City, Iowa. Tom Baty, Honolulu, HI.
sommer writes: Date: 20.07.2017 Time: 06:52
hello here I am in North Corilina usabeen an ets fan since 2004 not to many train fans here.ets trains are getting scarce on ebay.qaility not good ethier.mostly little stuff.so I have decide I will pay the few more doolars an ordered from ets.just got to hopper cars have the perfect engine to go wit them a older ETSdesiel with sound.must get off duff start work on my 12ft by 10ft k layout in garage hope to hear from someone
Brett M writes: Date: 15.07.2015 Time: 22:49

I'm an American Modeler working in N Scale (Chicago Theme); O Scale (New York/Northeast Theme) and Guage 1, or Spur Einz (European Theme) with Marklin in my garden. Although I have modeled LGB 1:24 (45mm); I now beleive 1:32 is more scale accurate?

I'm glad I just found your firm as I'm now interested in WWII Era, European Theater war gaming in 28mm miniatures, and O Scale is the closest at 1:48 scale whereas my soldiers, tanks etc primarily 1:50 or so? Anyway I'm trying or planning on including some railway systems into the "theater of operations" but I'm also really into Epoch II or Reichsbahn era steam!

Can your engines be converted into 3-rail and run either conventional AC (like Lionel) or like my modern lionel, MTH digital (DCS or DCC)? My Marklin is Delta Digital (constant 5amp AC) Or perhaps you have models already "set up" for American Market and our houses with 120v AC outlets? Are your prices in Euro?

Thank you, your product line looks very nice!
Brett M Thrasher, AIA (architect)
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